Earn a 50% commission on every sale you generate

Help promote Type & Grids and you will receive a 50% commission on every sale you help generate — that’s $29.50 per sale. Sign up for the affiliate program and you will be given a special referral link. If someone clicks that link a referral cookie will be set in their browser for 6 months. Every product that person purchases during the lifespan of the cookie will count as your sale and you’ll be paid a 50% commission.

Questions and answers

  1. What are some ways I can participate in the affiliate program?

    The best way to use the affiliate program is to simply email other people you know who might be interested in Type & Grids. Be upfront that it is an affiliate link and that you get a share of the sales. If you own a website or blog you can also feature Type & Grids on your site. Just be sure it is something your readers would be interested in and that you promote the product in an honest fashion.

    You can also use your referral link on Twitter, but again make sure it is something relevant to your followers and you should always fully disclose that it is an affiliate link.

    Please note that any kind of link spamming or any other sketchy behavior will not be tolerated. Do not do anything to tarnish the good name of Type & Grids.

  2. Why are you offering an affiliate program?

    The hardest part about selling a product like this is simply getting the word out to people. Designers tend to know other designers so I figured this would be a good way to spread the word about Type & Grids.

  3. Your site says 10% of every sale is donated to the National Audubon Society. Does that effect the affiliates 50% share?

    The 10% Audubon donation ($5.90) comes straight out of my share. Affiliates still get $29.50 for each sale. So affiliates are actually making more per sale than I am.

  4. Need any other banner sizes or graphics? Have any other questions?

    Send me an email:

How it works

  1. Sign up using this link. The entire affiliate program is managed through my shopping cart provider E-junkie. For more information, see the "Help for Affiliates" page on E-junkie
  2. Login and click “Get Affiliate Code” to get your special referral link.
  3. Tell your friends about Type & Grids using your referral link.
  4. After someone clicks your link a referral cookie will be set in their browser for 6 months. You will earn 50% on every Type & Grids product purchased by them during the lifespan of the cookie.
  5. You’ll receive an email each time you generate a sale.
  6. Each month’s earnings will be paid via PayPal within 15 days of the month’s end.

Here are some banners you can use

Type & Grids


Type & Grids


Type & Grids


Type & Grids


Type & Grids